The briefcase of our founders has many stories to tell. For us, it symbolises our values, even and especially in the digital age. The principles that guide us in our consultancy activities are still the same principles that Theodor and Leberecht Funk would have pointedly expressed at that time:

Be honest and fair with your clients. Listen to them closely. Try to understand their needs. Put yourself in their shoes. Be where they need you to be, even if that means taking a detour. Take only what your client really needs in your briefcase – it not only makes your life easier, but also your client’s. And only give them the recommendation that you would want for yourself if you were the client!

The briefcase of Leberecht Funk, son of company founder Theodor Funk
personal reliable independent flexible efficient responsible

We are personal

  • As a family-run company, we place great value on personal interaction.
  • Our personal approach is reflected in our appreciative, respectful and caring culture. We act with authenticity.
  • We are there for our clients in person. 
  • We give our clients our personal recommendation. In doing so we protect and secure what concerns our clients most. 
  • We cultivate an equal partnership dialogue both with our clients and among ourselves.

We are reliable

  • We make binding statements our clients can fully rely on.
  • We plan for the long term and act with foresight, making us a reliable partner to our clients.
  • We are consistent in our relationships with our clients and our employees.
  • We provide our complex services as a team, in which each member can rely on the other.

We are independent

  • As a family-run company, we retain our independence. It is because of our independence that we can offer our clients the best recommendation.
  • As an independent broker and consultancy firm, we focus our attention solely on the interests of our clients and offer them transparency.
  • Our independence is the basis of our integrity, autonomy and objectivity.

We are flexible

  • Our flexibility is shaped around the individual needs and requests of our clients. We are constantly looking for new tailored and innovative solutions for them. 
  • We are agile and versatile and adapt flexibly to new situations. We take new paths if the client or market situation calls for it.
  • We are proactive and set ourselves new challenges with a high level of commitment.
  • Our high degree of expertise allows us to keep the bigger picture in mind. We are constantly learning new things and cultivate a continuous dialogue.

We are efficient

  • We make clear, precise and comprehensible statements, offering our clients transparency and saving them time.
  • We take targeted and timely action, so that we can be sure that our services also improve our clients’ efficiency.
  • We provide our clients with strong, needs-based solutions.
  • Efficient cooperation among our expert teams forms the basis of our comprehensive advice.

We are responsible

  • We are well aware of our responsibility to ensure the security of our clients. 
  • This responsibility that we accept in the interests and on behalf of our clients is reflected in our performance. We take responsibility for the quality of our work.
  • Our recommendation aims to assure the values of our clients in the long term.
  • As a family-run company, in everything we do we employ well thought-out solutions with sustainable, long-term benefits instead of short-term courses of action.

Companies in all industries

are our valued clients – and they have all been relying on us for years, because instead of turning to standard solutions, we seek out tailored solutions that meet the very specific needs and requirements that they need in order to protect their business.


The best recommendation. Funk.

Insurance management, employee benefits, risk management for your company.


Globally networked

As a global partner to our clients, we combine the advantages of a leading international broker, risk and employee benefit consultant with the flexibility and assertive power of our global network, the Funk Alliance.

The best recommendation. Funk.

For over 140 years, we have focussed our attention on what makes companies really valuable and worked with our clients to secure the future. As Germany’s largest independent family-run insurance broker and risk consultant, we are renowned experts for insurance solutions, risk management, asset assurance and pension solutions. We are a strong partner for companies, entrepreneurs and their objectives, not only because of our great expertise in our business field but also because as a family-run company, we know exactly what counts when you want to protect your values for the future.

That makes us the best recommendation when it comes to the most important parts of your company strategy: assuring your values, managing risks and developing sustainable models for value-adding pension schemes. With over 1,560 employees, we have comprehensive knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in almost all industries and markets – and we provide holistic advice and support for companies along the way to a secure future. And not just in Germany: as a European broker with 37 Funk offices and our own network of brokers, the Funk Alliance, we have more than 300 offices in over 100 countries so we are always where you need us.